Sunday, November 2, 2008

How the Daily Kos Got Its "Seat at the Table"

In Response To: GOP Hack Begs For Mercy From Blogs

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Ashok said...

This brings up a really interesting issue - my own feeling was that without Kos, we wouldn't have even heard of Obama. But Kos and his ilk on the net were more enamored of Edwards when primary season started about 800 years ago.

In any case, Kos started the "anyone but Hillary" movement. The result was Obama, who became very independent of Kos during the campaign - the proof of this, if one needs it, is FISA. The netroots are scared to death over any linkage of the words "wire" and "tap."

So now the question is where the power will lie should President Obama become a reality. I think once you're actually governing, the enthusiasm of the campaign is gone unless you're running a perpetual campaign. Kos is doing that. We're gonna have to wait and see how effective it is in getting the Democratic Congress and President Obama to do their work - I suspect the Left might crack up as early as March. This is a Democratic Congress "empowered" that could do almost nothing against any Republican proposal.

I did write something on Obama and Kos in whining about party rebuilding generally.