Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Republicans - Where do we go from here?

Needless to say, we got whipped, beaten and embarrassed in this election. Although, I still believe the argument can be made that no one we put up for president would have made a difference, in light of the historical nature of the election and the desire on the part of America to see that come true. But now we need to consider who we are or what we are, how we are different from the democrats and what are we going to stand for that will convince the populous of our noble intent.

Even so, we have an impediment to our future that will not easily be moved or circumvented. And that is the established amalgamation of the media and the democrat party. Through their combined force of influence - possible changed forever with the introduction of the Fairness Doctrine - on the people, it is difficult to express a plan that will get the attention deserve. However, the 1994 Contract with America was an exception and it worked. It worked because the policies delineated were of sound judgment and the commitment demonstrated by its signing was an authority the people could believe in. The American constituency looked at the assembled cast of the republicans and said “They are really going to do this”.

Its that time again. Time to stand on principle, dedication to our beliefs and allegiance to the Constitution. A new Contract for American must be drawn up and it must be implanted in the very psyche of all conservatives for the duration of our future. The question remains, who from the Republicans will define the strategy. I personally believe it is time for the conservative libertarian arm of the party to speak up and establish a bold choice for America. The neocons have had their say and we more or less suffer the consequences of their actions today. It is time to form up, sit down together, speak up and defend liberty, freedom and the constitution.

Health Care - NO UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE! Ask a Canadian ( I happen to live next to a nurse from Canada) or British Subject. Canadians comes to American for complex operations because they have to wait and die there. Britain sends patients to India with fully paid airfare because it is easier than processing them through the existing health organization. Not to mention you cannot find a dentist on the plan anywhere. American needs 6 things 1) Preventive based medical plans that spend the money up front for prevention than after someone has developed cancer. Incentivize HMOs to pay for yearly exams including MRIs and other full body scans. 2) Allow anyone to join combined plans that save money on the numbers of members, like small businesses teaming together. Administaff figured this out, why can’t the government. 3) Tort and medical malpractice reform. 4) Digital medical records alone would save billions and prevent mistakes while eliminating paperwork from the process. 5) Graduated premiums so people are incentivized to live healthier lives, and finally 6) get the government out of the way.

Defense - Number One, the constitution specifically says that Congress is the only power to declare war. How about we actually try that. No going to war anywhere unless the Congress signs a declaration. Certainly would cut down on the rhetoric.   2) The military has become a Joint Tactical Fighting Force, meaning all the services work together. Great! Then why do we need each service having copies of the same functions. Consolidate business activities like logistic, human resources and medical care under a single umbrella. Put the Air force back in with the Army ( sorry about that flyboys, nothing personal), and 3) continue the Stryker force realignment and Special Forces structure improvement. You can save at least a quarter of the defense budget just on efficiency alone without effects to the force capacity.

Taxes - A 10,000 page tax law was not envisioned by the founders. In fact, they suggested that taxes be reauthorized each year. Fair across the board burden to all is the best approach, but as long as the power to tax stays in the hand of the politicians it will continue to be manipulated. Just look at the upcoming chaos of the Obama plan.  So its time for the Fair Tax plan or Nationwide Sales Tax to be the income generator of choice for the future of our government. Pick one and stick to it. No matter what its better than what we have now.

Job Growth - See TAXES above. Freedom from oppressive taxation and the efficiency inherent in the design will be the largest influence on job growth the likes America has not seem.

Economy - See TAXES above. Plus we need to ditch once and for all the Keyensian economic model and adopt Von Mises free market policies. A true and free capitalist market will be unencumbered to expand, compete, invent, effect change and provide the basis for all improvements in the life of Americans through increased income, opportunity, education and way of life. If you don’t know who Ludwig Von Mises is, look it up. A free market also is self correcting, preventing the disastrous outcome of our current situation from the overzealous activities of a manipulative government.

Education - Eliminate the Department of Education and send the money back to the states. Let them spend the money on students, instead of philosophers and doctoral elitists you espouse psychobabble from the communist doctrine. What a novel idea.

Fidelity to the Constitution - Oh how the democrats are wrong. We need to be Constitutionalist! We need a stricter adherence to the intent of our founders. Prime example; when the American government was considering a $15,000 payment, John Adams said show me where in the articles of the constitution it says we can pay for that. The constitution lives because it can be changed and once changed, we live with that agreement. So in that sense it is a living document, but ONLY when it has been changed. So to say that the understanding of the constitution is old and out of date is an affront to the brilliant minds of out founders. They gave us the power to adapt to our new world, we just chose to not follow the rule.

We as conservatives have ideas founded in common sense and historical experience. We need to move like the force of an axe head and sunder the socialist ideals of the progressives. We need to wedge our way into the mindset of American and effect change through commitment, determination, and adherence to our new mandate. If we advocate and execute our objectives, not consort or conspire with the opposition just so the press with give us a “fair shake”, then we have the opportunity to reignite the fire that drove the Contract with American to success. 

Its time, lets roll....


Temlakos said...

I want to address just one thing regardng Defense: We have external enemies, and I don't think those enemies are going to wait for Congress to stop its love affair with them. We need some kind of policy whereby, if the US military is not authorized to go after those enemies, then someone else with the wherewithal can. Right now, I don't know what that might be. But I'd like to propose that we campaign up-front on the need to go to war and stay at war until this Third Wave of Jihad is finally spent.

Fundy said...

You don't need to declare war to go after terrorists. You do however, need congress to declare war if you're gonna invade a country and try to remove an exhisting government.

Anonymous said...

well one thing I left out of that without getting into too much detail is the CIA. Having spent many years there, the activities of terrorist fall to them, as long as people like Clinton quit dismantling the "company". Trust me, if Intelligence was actually "allowed" to do their job.

Granted 9/11 is a completely different scenario. The point was and hopefully will be in the future is that a war should be declared, on afghanistan and iraq, and the congress should declare it. Then we don't have the issues we had in this election. I am not against to war, just that we should follow the law.

chuckypita said...

Thank you for this impressive post. There's no question that the Republican party has no direction - thanks to Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is the only republican speaking any sense and has a way for the economic crisis to "go away" - it's called honest money.


Listen to Ron Paul - turn the party around.