Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dumbed Down O-mericans

So the president-elect has committed to "creating" 2.5 million new jobs by 2011. I hate to rain on this idiotic leftist parade, but how does Mr. Change plan on funding these jobs? You see, these jobs aren't really being "created". They are being funded by taxpayers. Yes, they're make-believe jobs that are being "created" by a company that is 10 trillion dollars in the red! Wow. He's so smart. What an ingenious plan. Spend money you don't have and go deeper in debt. That takes so much skill. I wonder what he'll do next. Maybe "raise" the graduation rate by cutting high school back to the 10th grade? Or maybe, he'll "decrease" the prison population by releasing "non-violent" offenders. Or maybe he'll "lower" the infant mortality rate in Africa by funding abortion clinics there. Wow. He's so smart. I'm sure that Sarah Palin could of never came up with such a unique plan like increasing deficit spending. Wow. He's so smart.

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Mberenis said...

Great blog! Did you hear the good news??? New government grants and relief for lower and middle class, initiated by the Obama administration prior to inauguration.

Obama's Bailout for US

Chuck said...

Great blog. I love the "plans" for raising graduation rates, etc.

The Angry Capitalist said...

How will those who now occupy slightly more than the majority react once they awake from their mental hibernation and discover that they are the hapless victims of one of histories cruelest deceptions. If I could only be privy to their innermost thoughts as the sleep fades from their turbid consciousness and they realize that everything they had hoped for and all the things promised them were nothing more than the cruelest of electoral shams. This would truly be the greatest of rewards for the free thinker who stood by and called in vain to those who eagerly consumed the tripe Obama and his surrogates eagerly dished out. The truth will eventually come to these dullards, sooner or later, and as that faintest of knocks sounds upon the doors of their idealistic minds it will not be the harbinger of a welcomed visitor.
The truth is a funny thing. Not only does it comfort and console those who could see through all of the obfuscation and myth, but it torments those who were taken in by slick talk and flowery rhetoric by revealing the shallowness of their thinking.

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