Friday, November 7, 2008

Say No to Subsidizing Union Jobs!

It's time for Ford and GM to say goodbye to Detroit and head south. The American Taxpayer can not subsidize the wages of union workers just in order to keep these two companies afloat. Take a look a the below aerial photo. It is a brand new KIA plant located in West Point, Georgia. How come foreign auto-makers can suceed at manufacturing automobiles inside the U.S. but Ford and GM can't? Ummmm......unions?

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Anonymous said...

I agree, that money could be going to the Paypal accounts of deserving bloggers instead of those lazy "workers"

Mundy said...

You know. We have full time jobs. We don't make any money doing this.

Mundy said...

You really don't think it is wrong that a line worker at Chrysler makes more than a University Professor? I am all for people getting a "fair" wage, but geez. No wonder they cannot compete! Unions killed this industry!