Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Stealth Jihad Busted In the U.S. -- Will Vigilance Remain Eternal In Obama Administration?

Dragon5616 feels safe enough to compare the Republican Party to Al Qaeda in his Daily Kos "diary":
I saw this one over at HuffPo and had to share it. It seems that Al Qaeda and the GOP have something in common--they both want to complain about the "unfair" press coverage Obama is receiving around the world.
Meteor Blades complains about President-Elect's Obama's decision to retain Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense:
More fuel for the belief that even Democrats think Democrats are weak on defense and only Republicans can serve as Secretary of Defense. If Gates stays the full four years, it would mean that from 1953-2013, a Republican will have held the SecDef post for 51 1/2 of 60 years.
Meanwhile, the Federal government (the post-9/11 one created by "eight years of George Bush's failed policies") is prosecuting a group of Muslim men who were training in the United States for an attack on US military personnel (and their DoD civilian counterparts) at Fort Dix, New Jersey:

Somehow, comparing Republicans to Islamofascist terrorists and complaining about a SecDef who has been strong and wise as a national defense leader seem stupid after watching that video.
Happy Thanksgiving anyway.

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The Angry Capitalist said...

Make no mistake, the election of Barak Obama as 44th president of the United States represents the counterbalance that threatens to capsize the West and cast us all into the murkiness of, as Churchill might call it, a new Dark Age. Not only does his inexperience pose a serious and ominous threat to the safety of the citizenry, but his naiveté portends to embolden and energize the adversary that threatens our gates. Even his most ardent of supporters stand in bewildering silence when pressed to cite any reasonable example of foreign policy experience that has helped shape the future actions of their dear leader. They can not legitimately point to any such episode simply because prior to that fateful day in January when Obama is sworn in he has exited only in the realm of speculation and conjecture. What shakes one to the core is the realization that upon the shoulders of this neophyte rests the responsibility not only to parry the thrust made by the enemy but to gather the courage needed to unsheathe the sword and actually draw blood. It is disheartening to arrive at such a conclusion in the vacuum of theory and rhetoric, but when placed in the context of recent real world events, one is frightened on an unprecedented level. Never before in the history of our nation has the electorate risked so much on the unproven abilities of someone whose experience exists not in the realm of the real or factual, but solitarily on the fallacious theories of the university and their warped perception of reality....

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