Sunday, November 9, 2008

Liberal Wishful Thinking

I am not going to argue that we are a Center-Right country. I will not argue that McCain was not Conservative enough. I will argue that Republicans have lost their way. The current thinking coming from the Left is that Conservatism is dead, the Electoral college landslide gives a huge mandate, majorities in the Senate and the House, and some idea that a permenant Democrat majority is on the way. Make no mistake, we got whooped. We can all argue and disagree about why, but we got it handed to us.

Having said that, it is a crazy notion that Republicans are simply going to go away, dwindle in numbers and disappear. (By the way, the Kos article said that the Kos was in the center, ha!) This idea that the Republican party is now only a regional party is also insane. The dems learned how to run a campaign. We sent in a California Raisin instead of a leader. We made the mistake to think we could appeal to lefties. No worries, America is a still a Republic, we still get to vote. (We will see what happens when they try to silence dissent.) Obama cannot even get through his first press conference without insulting a National Icon and beloved first lady, who by the way is like 900 years old. Way to go. Obama should have just went out and pulled a walker out from underneath a 97 year old woman crossing the street, and then went ahead and tripped her, with a little push just to make sure she breaks her hip on the way down. Make no mistake, it is all Obama all the time, and there will be ways to make fun of him (even if comics want to claim that he is "too perfect," 57 states anyone?)

Back to the main point, there is one thing that the left wants to ignore.


That's how many Patriots are left. That is how many people rejected Hype and Spare Change. They said keep the change, I like my guns. Keep the change, I enjoy my Liberty. Keep the change, I want a strong Military. Keep the change, I want to take care of myself. Keep the change, Capitalism works. Keep the change, I don't want the nation to look like Chicago.

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Chuck said...

(By the way, the Kos article said that the Kos was in the center, ha!)

This sums up the entire argument. The left has a different definition of the center.

This nonsense about changing political fortunes is old. They were saying the same thing after Clinton won, forget the fact that his win was an accident more than anything. He got 48% of the vote, or in Democratic terms, a mandate to rule.

This new day for Democrats lasted exactly two years. They lost Congress in '94 and it stayed lost until 2006. Bill Clinton won re-election but it was against sacrificial lamb Bob Dole and again he got less than 50% of the vote.

The current Democratic wave will, I predict, last exactly 2 years. I see the GOP retaking at least the House in 2010.

Mundy said...

Man... I hope so.

Anonymous said...

We didn't lose by that bad of a margin. Don't forget what we had to work with. I'd say we did pretty good considering this reality. The Black vote was up only 1% since 2004 election...whoopy. Obama had to cheat and steal his way to the Office by use of ACORN and undocumented funding. All is well. Our day will come.

dezoars said...

"The left has a different definition of the center."

Geez - at least get your political theory straight. Left-wing (socialism, Marxism, communism) means state ownership of the "means of production". Interestingly, the only people who've been advocating that lately are...the Republicans!

This country is based on center-right principles and on individual ownership and property rights. None of the Democrats are proposing anything else, and are therefore all center-right. The real political differences between Obama/Clinton/McCain/Bush are minor and they occupy a similar spot on the left-right dimension.

As for the Republicans re-gaining the upper hand in two years? Forget it. This is the beginning of a new 40-year cycle in American politics, so you'll have to be patient. Check your history, guys.

Mundy said...

dezoars... that is just not true. It takes a Carter to get a Reagan.