Friday, November 14, 2008

When the Democrats act Surprised, Don't be Surprised!

What a surprise! The democrats are trying to blame someone else for their bailout catastrophe!

Any guess on who they are blaming?

President Bush..! Yes, yes! President Bush of course. I know, that one was easy.

The democrats are starting up the finger pointing machine, aimed at Bush.

They are now acting like Bush tricked them into the bailout legislation, by scaring them.

Yep, that means they want us all to believe the Obama bailout legislation was a big Bush trick.

Funny thing is, Candidate Obama fought for that bill!

And Candidate Obama had a big part in determining what the bill should be!

Can anyone remember that the democrats are the ones who started scaring us about the whole "Crisis" in the first place????!

Right before the November 2008 election as a matter of fact.

(Hmmmmmmm coincidence??? HA, HA HA! Right.)

But yeah, the democrats were the ones telling us we had to solve this problem in 2 days or we would all face a horrible fate.

Now, after the dust has settled, the Citizens of the USA are looking around and see 850 Billion in debt added onto their growing tab, and the stock market is plummeting.

This awareness by the people has triggered the democrat default response to anything they get caught doing wrong. They act Surprised!

Surprise, Surprise! See the democrats act surprised and start pointing those fingers! With the help of their minions in the press.

But that shouldn't be surprising to us. The democrats and their helpers never take credit for their mess. They always blame someone else.

In this latest mess, we can see the democrats want to avoid taking blame for two things :

1) Causing the financial crisis in the first place. Democrats brought us the faulty loan policy that caused the problems in the market in the first place. Policy that, after $850 Billion in "emergency" legislation, still hasn't been repealed.

History tells us the credit problem was caused by our government. Jimmy Carter signed the law that started it all. Left wing organizations, including ACORN forced these loans on banks with lawsuits. (By the way, President elect Obama donated $800,000 to Acorn this election, and Worked with Acorn and was a lawyer for Acorn.) The democrats, who were in charge of overseeing this policy, defended this loan policy even though it was pointed out over and over how dangerous the policy is. Here is a video of when the left defended the loan policy when it was questioned in 2004. Here is another video describing the evolution of the problem and mapping out how it was covered up and defended by the left .

2) The Bailout. Democrats hold the purse strings now. THEY wrote the Bailout legislation. THEY fought for it when it didn't get passed, THEY added bribes to it so it would pass, then THEY brought it to the floor again and THEY got it passed.

The bill is a democrat creation. We can all look honestly at this bill and know that there isn't one thing in that bill the democrats didn't want! Guaranteed! They had full control.

America is getting exactly what the democrats wanted. It isn't good. It isn't right. But this is how THEY run things.

The democrats wanted things this way!

This is all about taking power, prosperity, freedom and rights away from the people, and getting to their promised land. Socialism.

The democrats are doing what it takes!

NewsFlash: The super powers that were granted to the Treasury Secretary, to do whatever he damn well pleases to our economy, was not on accident! The bill was written that way, by the democrats, on purpose!

So we can take for granted that it is no surprise to the democrats that the superpowers of the treasury are being used to buy into private banks that have been devalued by the poor loan policies of our government. George Soros, who owns nearly all of the democrat party and finances practically every left wing group in the World, is dictating this policy to them. Soros told them to buy out banks. And they are doing it!

Democrat benefactor George Soros is dictating the socialist solution to a problem caused by the interference in our capitalist system by our government. The democrats KNOW that Soros wanted this, and all this is happening because Soros said to do it .

Face it! The bank buyouts are NO surprise to the democrats! They are following orders from their boss!

The democrats are working for their one constituent, George Soros, to hell with the rest of us!

So there you have it democrats! Your democrat party is causing this mess.
It is your democrats who are representing the elites, and not the people of the USA!

It is your democrat party that is trying to cover up for all of it by acting surprised!

And it is your democrat party that wants this all to happen....

Democrats may pretend to be surprised, but they are not surprised!!!!!

Start pointing fingers in the direction they belong!

Stop buying into the democrat's act! Stop blaming others!

We will all be better off if you start doing this.

Now and in the long run.

This Opinion is in response to Daily Anti-Kos Diary Our Congress is "Surprised". Surprised??? by Granny Doc


Anonymous said...

Instead of saying it's time to "point fingers in the right direction", try saying it's time to "point fingers in the left direction".

SureHowDoYouKnow said...

Great phrasing idea Anonymous! Thank you for that input. I won't plagerize you, but you gave me a great idea to adjust that line.

Thanks for reading!!