Monday, November 17, 2008

Obama Detailed Wasteful Spending Before the Election

Via the Washington Post:

Obama Spelled Out Goals in Letters to Federal Employees Pre-Election Missives
Addressed Staff At Seven Agencies, Provided Specifics
By Carol D. Leonnig
Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, November 17, 2008; A01
In wooing federal employee votes on the eve of the election, Barack Obama wrote a series of letters to workers that offer detailed descriptions of how he intends to add muscle to specific government programs, give new power to bureaucrats and roll back some Bush administration policies.
The letters, sent to employees at seven agencies, describe Obama's intention to scale back on contracts to private firms doing government work, to remove censorship from scientific research, and to champion tougher industry regulation to protect workers and the environment.
He made it clear that the Department of Housing and Urban Development would have an enhanced role in restoring public confidence in the housing market, shaken because of the ongoing mortgage crisis.
Using more specifics than he did on the campaign trail, Obama said he would add staff to erase the backlog of Social Security disability claims. He said he would help Transportation Security Administration officers obtain the same bargaining rights and workplace protections as other federal workers. He even expressed a desire to protect the Environmental Protection Agency's library system, which the Bush administration tried to eliminate.

So let's scale back on contracts that cost the taxpayer less than what we'd pay lazy public employees. The Department of Housing and Urban Development will have a larger role in government? Wow, big surprise from a Community Organizer. Let's see, isn't Cabrini-Green in Chicago? That's a good fix for the mortgage crisis, war-zone public housing solutions.

Wow, so we need more Social Security staff? Really? 62,000 people cannot get it done? 2.5 million people file disability claims and there is a backlog of 762k people waiting. Ok, 62k employees who work 200 days a year. With 12 people in backlog per employee, hmmm, seems to me that in two weeks (one extra claim per day per person) they should be able to clear it up. Think about this, according to the 2008 Social Security Trustees report, there are 50.4 million people receiving social security (9M of which are "disabled") That is 813 people per government employee. That means that for every person on social security, there is 20 minutes of worker time per year. Think about your parents (or grandparents) did they use their 20 minutes this year? So, we need more?

WOW! He WANTS TSA officers to be as unproductive as OTHER government employees? Normally the CEO would rather be closer to the worker than have a union in the way. I guess that is why he supporters workers losing their rights with Card Check.

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Chuck said...

It's frustrating because all people had to do was listen to this man.

Fundy said...

Right! He is going to make government bigger by printing money! You can't do that forever. If that was the case, then Paraguay would be the largest economy in the world.