Saturday, November 22, 2008

President-Elect Hillary Rodham Clinton

We all know the political power of the Clinton machine, but who would have thought that power extended to ousting an elected president. I know, “What!?” you say. Well sometime the face before the camera is just that, the appearance of reality. But fold the onion layers back and the stinging reality hits you. Obviously by now, everyone has heard that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the new Secretary of State. But what many people may not realize is the depth to which the Clinton apparatus has penetrated the Obamanation.

Step back a bit to the early years of the 2008 presidential race and a pointent, very telling look at the future of our presidency happened in Iowa. During the Democratic debates, Sen. Obama was asked how his message of ‘change’ was effected by the multitude of Clinton staffers prowling his inner circle. Lets go to the video....

Hillary may have been laughing, as she is want to do, but the Obama retort was more than eerie looking at it today. Maybe my mind is slightly distrustful of liberals, but just before the DNC convention, it was understood that Clinton would quarrel with Obama over the delegate count. But our desire for a 15 round cage match was dashed by the pronouncement from Mrs Clinton that Obama should be the next democratic nominee without a vote. Is it me, but can you imagine the negotiation between Hillary and Obama before this declaration;

H: “Vice President”
O: “No way, no deal”
H: “OK well, it has to be a major cabinet post, State Department?”
O: “Hmmmm, Uh, OK Fine, but Bill keeps his mouth shut!”
H: “Deal”

Fast forward to today, as we receive the continual announcements of White House staff from our new government agency, Office of the President-Elect. Although a number of major department level secretaries have not been determined, many key White House positions have been filled. Obviously, these positions are central for the insiders that gave up their lives to see their candidate get elected. Its their reward, the ring on the Carousel of political campaigning. But what do we see? The man most likely to get the Chief of Staff position, David Axelrod shunned for Clintonista Rahm Emmanuel.

And the ‘Change’ doesn’t stop there. Since the announcements for the White House began, at least 11 are past Clinton appointees or deputies of those appointees. Jackie Norris, Catherine Russell, David Axelrod ( not really an appointee, but instrumental in the Clinton and Emmanuel war machines), Lisa Brown, Greg Craig, Mona Sutphen, Ron Klain, Tim Geithner, Bill Richardson, Hillary Clinton and the king of ironic appointments, Eric Holder. Guess he didn’t have to answer one of those Obamanation ethics questionnaires.

But lets be fair here. Who does Obama really know that could fill the enormous number of positions waiting. Well a trip to Chicagoland shows that Obama has no choice but a Clinton intervention. For Example:

  • Press Secretary - Marilyn Katz. A retread ’60’s violent leftist radical, friend of Bill Ayers
  • Department of Labor - David Roediger. The epitome of Marxism in America.
  • Department of Education - Bill Ayers. Say it with me... ‘YES OBAMA, YES OBAMA”. Repeat.
  • Department of Housing and Urban Development - Mayor Richard Daley. His political prowess puts the Mob to shame.
  • US Department of Agriculture - Michael Milken. Chicago Mercantile Exchange criminal and close personal friend of Biden.
  • Department of Energy - John Rowe. Can someone say, "Show Me the Money!!"
  • Department of Transportation - James P. Hoffa. What the Hoffa’s have done for the Teamsters, they will do for us... Oh Crap!

Needless to say, when you grow up in the Chicago political family, your relationship with them outside of Chicago is difficult for anyone else to understand. Unfortunately, it would have been a service to the country if the ‘Driveby Media’ had actually done their job.

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