Friday, November 14, 2008

Diagnosing the Left's ailment

The one and only, Mr. KOS, states the following in response to Tim Pawlenty's assessment of where the GOP currently is:
"Big question -- what can they do about it? Really, not much. The GOP is out of step with a public that is increasingly libertarian on social matters, yet their religious wing won't let them shift on those issues." KOS
I'll give you one data point to prove that Mr. KOS is full of it when he says the public is increasingly libertarian on social matters:

CA Prop 8 (Los Angeles County) Yes 50.3% No 49.7%

Think about it. Los Angeles County supported the ban on gay marriage. If Black and Hispanic Americans ever decide to put social issues above economic issues, the Dems are in big trouble. Obama was elected because he promised handouts, not because his social and moral beliefs are in line with the majority of America. The only one "out of step" is the Daily Kos. Once Obama's pyramid scheme crumbles, so will the Left's dominance over the minorities in this country.

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