Friday, November 7, 2008

Don't be Fooled, Governor Sarah Palin was McCain's Chance to Win!

Now that the election is over, the republican establishment and the media are blaming Sarah Palin for John McCain's loss this election.

They should be looking in a huge mirror and pointing their fingers at themselves!

The whole way that Governor Sarah Palin was treated by the republican establishment during the election, is proof that they didn't want to win this election.

It is undeniable proof that the republican establishment were determined to lose this election!

Who on Earth implements a strategy of attacks on their own candidate, teaming up with their opponent's attacks and the biased media, and is really committed to winning????

What kind of strategy is that??

That is a strategy for failure, not success!

A loser strategy!

Right now the republican establishment is teaming up with a biased media, leaking bogus info on Governor Sarah Palin, and attacking Sarah Palin after the election. This proves that the republican establishment wants to blame someone else for their complete and total failure.

That republican establishment attacks on Sarah Palin went on during the election, and are still going on after the election tells us they didn't want McCain/Palin to win this election, and they want to try to make sure Sarah Palin doesn't win any national elections in the future!

Everyone make note! "Republican Establishment Loser Strategy, the Umpteenth Sequel," is in production already!

Sarah Palin gave John McCain a chance to win. Over and over we heard that People were not going to vote, they were going to sit out the election, until Sarah Palin came into the picture. Anyone paying attention this election realized that People were voting for Sarah Palin. They were voting for the promise of Sarah Palin in the future! They were voting for Sarah Palin, or against Barack Obama. In large majority they were not voting for John McCain.

McCain would have lost by far more votes if Sarah Palin wasn't part of the ticket. There would have been far less republicans voting if Sarah Palin wasn't part of the ticket!

I heard on the radio this morning that republican voting was down this election. It would have been far worse if Sarah Palin wasn't in the picture!

Solid proof that this was a guaranteed loser ticket is that McCain could have taken advantage of a whole bunch of opportunities to get the upper hand and win, but he didn't. Add to that McCain's staff blaming Sarah Palin for McCain's failings, while McCain says nothing.

McCain is not defending Sarah Palin at all! All we hear is crickets. McCain is allowing this ruse by his staff and others to continue, uninterrupted.

This silent approval of these attacks on Sarah Palin, by McCain, is proving to us that in this race McCain was more of a place holder for the leftist agenda, than a candidate determined to win for republicans this election or in the long run!!

Barack Obama had a huge amount of biased media, world wide propaganda, a ton more money ....etc.. and Obama could never pull too far away in the polls from John McCain.

With all that extra advantage Obama had, you would have expected Obama to be 78% in the polls! Or more! But no. He barely went over 50%, and usually stayed under. I think that shows there was a clear weakness of the Obama ticket that was never exploited by John McCain.

Obama's message that he wanted the People to get, got out with that mountain of help. The result was not a mountain of approval. Obama even had a TV show and never pulled away from McCain in any big amount! This makes me believe that McCain could have won if he actually tried. I believe this means that McCain could have won if he portrayed Sarah Palin in the light she deserved. McCain could have won if he used the conservative message he claimed to have. McCain could have won if he raised conservative solutions. McCain could have won if he used the tools available to him through the whole election.

But he chose to do none of this.

In Response to DailyKos article Letterman Unveils Palin's Post-Election Plan


Anonymous said...

I can't believe your raising $ for JTP! That's quite "socialist" of you!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Gee maybe Sarah, can sell a couple of pair of silk
boxers that she bought Todd and contribute to the JTP fund, or hey she can just donate them to JTP! :)

Anonymous said...

This is a joke, right?

If it isn't, I'd be careful using KOS's logo (even if it is altered). If not illegal, it is unethical. And I'm sure you care about ethics. Oh wait, Sarah doesn't.

Anonymous said...

You really need to revise your use of the word "proof". Just because you feel strongly about it doesn't make it true.

I can't believe how bad posts here are, I was expecting a little more of a much touted counterbalance to the daily kos, and while you are definitely on the right, you have very very very bad arguments and reporting. Not because they are "right" but because they are "wrong" and illogical. Not "I don't agree with you illogical" I mean mathematically wrong.

Mundy said...

Fair use. It is a parody.

SureHowDoYouKnow said...

I think "prove" is appropriate.

In my opinion, it all adds up.(Yes, believe it or not, I am still allowed to write my opinion at this point.)

I would like to see your calculations. We'll run the numbers and see what the difference is.

Thank you for reading!