Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No Confidence In The New Guy

The Mainstream Media and The Daily KOS is attempting to paint some sort of picture where the whole entire country has drank the kook-aid and is looking forward to four years of an Obama regime. Nothing could be further from the truth. Obama hasn't even set up his White House voicemail yet and already he is already turning the stomach of a wide variety of individuals and groups. Here are just a handful, with related articles.

Catholic Church

Wall Street

Small Businesses

Gun Owners

Anti-War Activists

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Dave said...

Get your puke bags ready. It's going to be a rough flight!

Ashok said...

@ dave - I used up my barf bag already during the primaries and the general election. It's pretty gross in my house right now.

Think I could get a giant government grant for cleaning up the natural disaster my house is? I want to embrace the new order, comrade! EPA, come on down, and don't forget your checkbook.