Tuesday, November 4, 2008

An Election Message From Louis Farrakhan

To all you liberal, kool-aid drinking, commie-loving, Marxists. You may be getting more "Change" than you asked for.

In response to: An Election Message From Gov. Howard Dean

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Anonymous said...

I have this on my blog.

If this didn't chill someone's soul, I don't know what will.

I also included this website on mine in an entry.

So amazed that our president elect (lower case intended) has not produced a valid birth certificate. Of three requirements to run for this office, he has fulfilled two, but
the most important hasn't been

Who else is irritated about this?

I had to purchase my birth certificate in order to get my passport.

There are so many things in this man's life that are in diametric opposition to the ideals and founding principles of America, I can't believe he duped a majority of our citizens.

I cannot envision an America without the protection of the Constitution. We will have to watch every single move.