Thursday, December 11, 2008

Poll: Obama Does Nothing! America Loves It!

Doing nothing really seems to work for Barack Obama. He's already won the highest office in the land without ever having Done anything. And Now MSNBC is reporting that America Likes Obama "Doing Nothing" in his current role in the "office of the President-elect". According to the folks over at First Read who cited the lastest NBC/WSJ poll, "75% believe that the level of his involvement in making policy has been exactly right" Considering there is no such thing as his current office, he can't Do Anything.

As TobyHill explains at Free Republic:

President-elect Barack Obama is looking very presidential these days. When he makes an announcement, he is ringed by American flags and stands behind a lectern that has a very presidential-looking placard announcing "The Office of the President-Elect."

But the props are merely that. Under the Constitution, there is no such thing as the Office of the President-elect. Technically, Obama will not even become the president-elect until the Electoral College convenes after the second Wednesday in December and elects him based on the results of the Nov. 4 general election, as stated in the Constitution.

Therefore Obama can not legally 'involve himself in policy', so he's been Doing Nothing, and America thinks that is "Exactly Right".

Wonder what Obama's poll numbers will look like when he actually Has to Do something?I mean 25% of the country is already disatisfied with him and he hasn't even been sworn in yet. Nearly 80% of those polled believe Obama will face bigger challenges than other recent presidents, yet at least 52% of them voted for someone who has No experience that would help him handle these challenges. In fact 90% of those polled said the economy is worse now than it was 12 months ago. (I have no idea what is wrong with the other 10%) Yet, 52% of them voted for Obama knowing that Small and Large Businesses alike promised to downsize to avoid the onslaught of Obama's Tax Plan.

I thought it was interesting that 67% are "pleased with his early appointments". Since Republicans are pleased to see that Bill Ayers hasn't been appointed Sec. of Education yet, I'm guessing the 33% disaproval rating comes from the Left.

It was not all about the Challenges for PE Obama. They also found out that even with a sample that leaned left, Democrats only recieved a favorable rating of 49%, which is probably because 60% of them thought the Republicans controlled congress which has had an approval rating in the low teens for about a year.

One bright spot for the future of our Country, Sarah Palin's place as a rising star in the Republican party is confirmed where she has a favorability rating of 73% among those polled. Condi Rice polled the strongest for Republicans across all parties coming in with a 49% favorability. That's just 18 points behind The One and Dr. Rice has actually been Doing Something for our Country for the last 8 years. Just think what her numbers will look like after she Does Nothing for the next 4 years!


The Black Sphere said...

BiasedGirl, I like this piece. Obama will find out very soon, that without his media who is bleeding red, his legion of sheep will be more fickle than he ever imagined. Trying to fill that empty suit will be more daunting than anything he has ever accomplished in his life...oh that's right, he has accomplished NOTHING, so perhaps I am mistaken! Keep it up!

Chuck said...

Nobody can do nothing like Obama, he's so cool

Anonymous said...

Maybe they'll stop liking it when Obama actually does something?