Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Obama Delusion Alive and Well at KOS

Tuesday the media had a field day showing off pictures of chest bare Barack Obama, frolicking in the Hawaiian waters right behind his 30 million dollar compound he “rented” for the holidays.

(Looks like the economy is bad and is going to get much worse for everyone except the Obama family and their friends!) didn’t join in on the MSM /Obama love fest, but chose to display Obama’s picture above a similar bare chested picture of Vlad Putin. Then Drudge ran a poll. Poll title “Shirtless.”

I'd say the poll is asking 'Putin or Obama, who is more buff?' Or, even better, as Rush Limbaugh put it, it is the “Drudge's hunkiest authoritarian socialist poll.”

At this moment, Putin has doubled Obama in votes.


OBAMA 34% 39,900

PUTIN 66% 78,089

Total Votes: 117,989

Humorous, right?

But not for KOS writer “manoftheearth.” This author is saying Drudge is anti-American for taking this poll!

Doctor! Possible case of ObamaDelusion! Let’s explore, and search for the cure. I recommend reading the full article to see all the symptoms.

Here is a money paragraph from the article:

“However as a side note, I would like to address the people who simply want to talk about who would win in a fight, Putin or Obama - I didn't even see that element in the poll in the first place, but since its been brought to my attention it is quite obvious that Obama would pull a Buddha-esque feat and completely dissolve Putins aggression with his awesome-like grasp of the true workings of reality, and the interactions of order to chaos. By the time the fight was over, Putin would have joined Obama's quest for true change, and spread compassion and hope all around the world.”

Is everyone done throwing up? Is it time to sing Kum Ba Yah yet?

No? Ok. Let’s continue…

The KOS author is saying Drudge is Anti-American for running a “shirtless” poll??? Anti-American???? Wow!

If the author is really sincere about the concern for someone who will be the United States of America’s President, why didn’t the author bring this accusation forward just a few short days ago when two shoes were hurled at the CURRENT President of the United States of America and DailyKOS writers were applauding and celebrating the attack????!


Quote in italics from Article By: girl

"So while I didn't get to personally shove my Christmas tree up George W.'s ass, watching the shoes whiz by his head was almost as good. "

Quotes in italics from Article by: Bill in Portland

"CHEERS to the sole man. "

"You know what they say: "That's shoe biz!" "

"P.S. Seven years ago today, Richard "Yeah, I'm A Dick Alright" Reid tried to light the most famous shoe bomb in history. He's the sole (ha ha) reason we all have to take off our Buster Browns at airport security checkpoints. The National TSA Screeners Guild has a message for passengers to commemorate the anniversary: "Foot powder, foot powder, foot powder!. " "

Ohh ha ha ha… I forgot that it was funny that all our lives have been drastically altered by selfish Islamic radicals interested in killing us and taking away our freedoms… What a riot that it is the anniversary of the shoe bomber right around when our President is attacked by a reporter with shoes. Oh yeah, each time we stand in line for hours to ride a plane we get an extra laugh out of that one. Pass the freaking powder.

Ho ho ho ho. Heh.

The President of the United States of America was attacked and could have been injured or even killed depending on what that shoe was made of, and the KOS author’s home base website was glorifying it! Celebrating it! Enjoying it! Laughing about it! Along with too many in the pathetic MSM.

Where was the author's disgust then?? When did the author say THAT was Anti-American?? Complete silence about the celebration of a real physical threat to a current President of the United States of America! President elect Obama had his PR picture on Drudge, and a harmless poll was taken, and that rises to the Anti-American threshold??? Please! No one was throwing weapons at Obama. There was no threat to his well being!

I’d like to think that Rush was right in his description of the poll. I'd like to think that Drudge was making a statement about how both Obama and Putin use propaganda like these pictures, and how both have totalitarian socialist goals. Because that is the TRUTH!

(Want to learn more about totalitarian socialism? Great 4 part video here (1) (2) (3) (4). Make sure you sit down, you will see the truth of what is going on in America far more clearer than you ever have before.)

And the TRUTH is what we all need right about now!

We all need to face it! We all need to wake up!

Wait a second? Wait just one second! Something is not making sense with this whole Obama/Putin/Shirtless/Anti-American accusation.

Comparing Obama to Putin bare chested is anti-American??? Why?? Does that tell us that the KOS author really doesn't like Putin too much??

If so... I am shocked that anyone on the left would not like Putin or would think Putin is bad?

Is Putin bad because he is a communist by any chance???? Is that where the whole Anti-American lingo came from?? If so, I am even more shocked!

Why am I shocked?? Because, if someone didn’t want the communists running the United States of America, and they voted for Barack Obama, they voted for the wrong person and they voted for the wrong party!

The illusion of Obama as a Budda-esque savior against communism is wrong. Obama wants to lead us down the same rat hole Putin is keeping his people in, Castro is keeping his people in, Chavez is keeping his people in..etc..!

They have just dressed the new model communism/socialism up with pretty words like ‘change” and “hope” and “saving the Nation's soul.” And with hoaxes like "Man Made Climate Change" and "Global Warming."

But, no, Barack Obama wouldn’t turn Putin in any other direction if he was put up against him in a fight! He will join him! You are fooling yourself if you think anything different!

Again, if someone wants to tack in a direction away from Putin, they voted in the wrong man and the wrong party if they voted Obama!

When was the last time anyone heard Obama speaking bad about communism?? He surrounds himself with socialists and communists! If you haven't heard the name Ayer's yet, look him up! He is not just some guy from Obama's neighborhood!

Messiah Obama has more in common with Putin, than the media lets on. The MSM media isn't going to tell! Everyone must go and look and find the truth for for themselves. But the sooner everyone looks for themselves, wakes up and deals with that, the better it will be for the rest of us!

Final note on this subject: Not long after opining that Drudge is being anti-American, manoftheearth made this statement: extreme behavior whenever it is present, in republicans, in democrats, in human beings its unhealthy for anyone who comes in contact with it.”

Why doesn’t manoftheearth point out and accuse KOS peers, before accusing others, if that statement is really believed??

Rebuttal to Article: drudge acts anti-american imo - by manoftheearth

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