Monday, December 1, 2008

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid

It is unfortunate that when power, instilled in man, follows its natural course, it results in the deterioration of ethics, moral judgment, fairness, and liberty.  All for the betterment of the powerful, as they master their authority over the citizenry.  Our founding fathers saw this first hand and took considerable efforts to prevent totalitarianism and dictatorial control over the fledging United States.  Checks and Balances, a negative power-based constitution, and obstructive rules for changing the status quo.  All for the purpose of preventing a single person from gaining authority over the people.  But with the accumulation of fearful crises, we head down this road again, without remorse or concern, under the “well-meaning” and enlightened visions of our new Messiah-in-Chief Barack Obama.

It is also unfortunate that our fledgling country of only 232 years, which has seen its fair share of fascist, totalitarian attempts made against the people, has not learned the lesson of the past and seems eager to repeat it.  Some of you like myself, finished school with what we would consider a quality education, but yet are unaware of the attempts made by the few to rest control away from the many.  It began early with military actions against citizens by the likes of president’s Washington and Adams.  Or military incursions into foreign lands (Mexico and Spanish Florida) without Congressional approval from President’s Madison and Monroe.  But it was our beloved Lincoln, considered to be one of our best presidents, that made use of para-military organizations against the people a new art form.

Lincoln’s Secretary of State Seward stated “I can touch a bell on my right hand and order the imprisonment of a citizen of Ohio (Vallandigham); I can touch the bell again and order the imprisonment of a citizen from New York; and no power on earth except the President can release them.”  In the end, Lincoln’s “domestic defense force” arrested close to 18,000 citizens for dissenting against the war.  He also suspended Habius Corpus, our writ of liberty.  But Lincoln paled in comparison to President Wilson.

A group known as the American Protective League (Created in Chicago. How convenient) was used under Wilson to find and arrest “slackers” and dissenters of WWI.  This citizen brigade was known to violate most civil liberties “for the good of the people."  Sociologist Robert Nisbet commented, “the West’s first real experience with totalitarianism, came with the American war state under Wilson.”  In the end, more than 16,000 americans were arrested and jailed for such crimes as “mouth-to-mouth propaganda."

What is particularly unnerving is the term “slackers."  Mussolini’s fascist civilian defense gangs used this term to refer to citizens that disagreed with “their” official message of the day.  Even George Bernard Shaw, socialist extraordinaire and spiritual mentor to the Alinsky training brigade from which Obama came, was impressed with “the good works” of the Soviet Secret Police in dealing with “slackers."  Saul Alinsky and Frank Davis (mentor to Obama) both found reassurance and comfort in the Shaw belief of a State mandated “Unified Front” (thought police) created through organizational change and Soviet style grass roots re-education (Community Organizing).

And the list goes on; President Roosevelt trying to stack the Supreme Court with four extra judges that would side with him so he could impose his extended “New Deal” initiatives, wiretapping from Nixon to Bush the second (Clinton did it too with Operation Carnivore), the japanese internment camps of WWII and not to mention the myriad of examples from Chinese, Cuban, African, Nicaragua and Russian communist regimes to the “Hitler Youth." 

So, with example after example of government’s foray into domestic, sometimes civilian, usually para-military, defense forces going horribly bad, we look to the Messiah’s mandatory service in a civilian defense force and laud its benefits to the betterment of our youth, who will be indoctrinated during a four month or longer “training program."  Don’t mistake what this means.  Who decides the “topics” for training in this new state run community education program, Bill Ayers?  Who trains the new recruits on community action, ACORN?  And WHO ever said that my active membership to the country required my mandatory servitude.  Remember the lesson of Wilson’s American Protective League; just “thinking different” could get you arrested for propagandizing.  If you think the Fairness Doctrine is scary, well...

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