Friday, February 20, 2009

Ten things that Christian Conservatives and Ron Paul Libertarians Can Agree On!

Help me out folks. I have discovered the following three political realities:

1. There are a ton of Christian Conservatives who are no longer happy with the Republican Party and are not actively participating.

2. There are a ton of Libertarian Conservatives who are no longer happy with the Republican Party and not actively participating.

3. In the meantime, Democrats are registering more Democrats and taking our country faster and faster toward Socialism.

My question is simple. Christians and Libertarians have far more in common than they either group has with the current Democrat Party.

Can all of you brainstorm with me to come up with 10 practical objectives that Christian Conservatives and Ron Paul type Libertarians can agree on?

I'll start.

#1 - Eliminate the I.R.S. by implementing a flat-tax, national sales tax, fair-tax, etc.

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Temlakos said...

2. Eliminate all restrictions on the carrying of firearms, and re-establish the citizens' militia.

3. Make airline pilots and all other transport captains part of this militia by permitting all such persons to carry firearms on duty.

3. Eliminate any no-pets rules (and especially no DOGS rules). The citizens' militia must have a K-9 component.

4. Eliminate all restrictions on the use of herbal or other natural products and derivatives. (For example, anyone preparing food for sale should be allowed to sweeten it, if desired, with stevia.) This also includes removing any legal or other impediments to the practice of "alternative medicine," subject ONLY to FULL DISCLOSURE of the practitioner's theories, practices, composition of any herbal blends, potions, etc.

5. Eliminate any and all restrictions on "home schooling."

6. Abolish government schools.

7. Privatize all mail delivery. While we're at it, eliminate "franked" mail. Congresscritters don't need it anymore; they've got the and domains, and I'm getting "franked e-mail" already. I don't object--so long as I don't have to pay for every piece of it.

8. Phase out Social Security. (I would hope that Medicare would wither on the vine through the encouragement of alternative medicine.)

9. Sell all government land that does not go specifically to the purposes listed in Clause I.8.17 of the Constitution (capital district, "needful buildings") This also includes handing airport security and air traffic control back to private contractors.

10. Create a system of private-property interests in all portions of the electromagnetic spectrum presently used for communication, and abolish the FCC.

Fundy said...

wow ... you've given me some stuff to work with ... i understand you want eliminatin of govt schools but would school choice/vouchers be an acceptable baby step?

Kate said...

Eliminate the Federal Reserve, which isn't federal, and obviously doesn't reserve a dadburn thing.

Adamgv said...

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Anonymous said...

Tasine here.

Return all states' rights to the states.

Limit the federal government to only those things mandated by the Constitution.

Have states collect all taxes - then send what they don't need to the federal government.

Disband the EPA.

Quit paying people to not plant crops.

The one thing I don't think could ever gel between Republicans and Libertarians is the abortion issue. Libertarians see opposing abortion as meddling in other people's affairs whereas conservative Republicans view abortions as murder, and murder is murder - government meddles every time a walking person is murdered. Why is the death of the most helpless and most innocednt relegated to a mother's "right"? If anything stops a joining of Republicans and Libertarians, it will be this issue.

Nick said...

Actually, Ron Paul says to abolish the income tax and don't implement ANYTHING in its place. And he's right. See his book, "The Revolution" for more information. This video also explains it well:

-Christian conservative and Ron Paul supporter

Temlakos said...

In reply to your question, "Would vouchers be an acceptable baby step?"--vouchers might be *desirable* if they came without restrictions on where the kids could go to school. But I have a serious philosophical problem: let's assume that there's no money left for any of the activities of government. Let's assume, IOW, that the government is flat busted. Now: where do you think those vouchers are going to come from? We might as well establish our own not-for-profit foundation to send kids to school.

And another thing: What do you suppose will constitute an "accredited" school? Do we really want to mess around anymore with private organizations possessing "deeming authority" with the government? Shouldn't we get completely away from that? Frankly, I want to abolish the government's basic authority to "deem" any form of education "acceptable" or "not acceptable." Private "deeming authority," like the Federal Reserve, has been given a chance and has failed.

Now to anticipate some other follow-up: Gentlemen, conventional medicine has gone completely off the rails. It's good for diagnosis and the management of acute trauma—in other words, battlefield or sports medicine—and little else. (Source: Joseph L. Mercola, DO. It's overpriced, and far from healing, it in many cases makes things worse. (I ought to know: I was trained in it.) And the government now proposes to guarantee everyone's costs for that boondoggle? No, thanks. Let us take responsibility for our own health, and that means warding off cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and all the rest of it. And the government needs to get the aitch-eeh-double-hockeystick out of the way. If that means that I have to allow people to take marijuana or LSD or heroin or even absinthe—none of which I would touch with a seven-cubit pole—well, the government has played me false, and that has caused me to re-examine a lot of my assumptions.

Ayn Rand had the right idea: police, armies, and judiciary are all the government men need.

Anonymous said...

Term limits

Modified salaries, perks, other benefits for those "in service" to our country.