Monday, February 9, 2009

American Liberals Want to Confiscate Wealth

It is with regular occurrence, think tanks, like the Brookings and the Urban Institute, produce charts, graphs and policy statements demonstrating the decay of the American educational system. Though I usually agree with the findings portrayed, the state of the educational system is not the theme of this blog. It is the outcome.

For privacy reasons, I will say that a friend of mine attends a well known university in my area and is currently enrolled in a liberal arts disciple. One that caters to a more liberal-minded cliental. During a particular class, certain discussions have come up and the dialog of the attendees has come to my knowledge. It is without a doubt some of the scariest banter I have heard from young adults looking to be the next leaders of our world. All that I can say is, yes our educational system is broken. There is no chance that these students attended, much less passed a high school history, government or economics class.

Suffice it to say that the students are in their mid twenties, as this is a graduate class, and are liberal in ideology. Even worse, the professor, the guiding hand in the subject matter is by far the most appalling. The class itself deals with poverty, its causes and how might government be used to remedy the “injustice.” In listening to the comments of the class, it was the very first topic that nearly sent me sailing out of my chair, dropping my plate and spewing a soda from my mouth. According to the professor, and the agreement of the class, it is the role of government to bring equality to all people through the use of socialistic political principles and a communistic establishment of common income across all job categories and skill levels.

Yes, I know, calm down. It only gets worse. The problem with this approach, as described by the class, is that establishing a single income will bring equality to all, but it neglects to remedy the unfortunate situation of Wealth. You see, a horrible injustice has occurred due to free market capitalistic programs. People have actually been “allowed” to save, invest, or inherit money. This, you see, has allowed people to “earn” money without work through dividends and interest. It is this Wealth that must be corrected. To that end, it is the role of government to confiscate personal wealth and property, redistributing it for the good of all. As you pick you jaw up from the floor, you have to ask, “How did these seemingly educated people ever learn this from our education system?” You really have to wonder how a class on the revolution and the founding fathers led those people to these conclusions.

Yet, it is the opinion of the professor and the class that government has failed in its central mission, its primary purpose for establishment, that government must be the arbiter of equality and fairness. As convoluted as that logic is, they expand on this idea by discussing the disgraceful history of America and our abandonment of the founding principles for which this country was created. I don’t know about you, but I must have slept through that part of American History. Of course the founding of the Republican party is primarily to blame for our current situation, but it is the “spawns from hell” known as Libertarians that riles the attendees into a frothy blather of fascism. How dare someone actually believe in the “individual.” Accordingly, we are to learn from this seminar that uniformity of belief and adherence to a common humanistic goal of selflessness, in support of the people, is true enlightenment.

One of my favorite comments deals with poverty. I have been schooled by this professor and come to learn that America has more people in poverty than any other country in the world, including China. Wow, who would have every guested that our entire population is below the poverty line. I suppose those evil rich people don’t actually exist. What really astonishes this class is that people actually believe this statistic to be false. I guess they learned math from the same professor as Nancy Pelosi.

As idiotic as these comments are, it is one in particular that makes me ferociously angry. It seems that immigration is a right, but even so, why would people want to come to America? Supposedly, we Americans have been lying to the world. We have misguided untold numbers of poor and disenfranchised people, leading them to believe America is the home of the brave and the free, a place of opportunity, and more importantly, of Hope. Unfortunately, the reality is there is no Hope. It is a pipe dream, a method of control by the wealthy elite to indoctrinate the immigrant into a life of servitude, for the benefit of the rich. Thank God, (oops sorry, can’t say that. Obviously there is no God) Thank the Reasoned attending that class, who have come to understand the reality of the world and will work to end wealth, money, and opportunity in the name of equality for all.

Their belief is strong, their desire is set and their Messiah is in office. “He will change the world, He will correct the abomination on the Bush presidency, He will bring a socialist eden to our shores, He will make the government work the way it was intended.” I think it is time to be very afraid for our future.

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machinepolitick said...

I have been very afraid for a while now. That is why I am using my art as a tool to fight back. I am one of those evil,individualistic, hell-spawned Libertarians the left hates so much. Worse than that, I have the nerve to be a political artist.
I think it is past time to take back our Republic - not Democracy - our culture, and our individuality. We have hard times ahead of us. The power hungry Socialists are full of themselves and their perceived majority. They will not respect us as we do them.
Please look at my art, and tell me what you think. This is a tough battle I have chosen, although I am up for it. Knowing that people support what I do is a huge encouragement.