Monday, January 19, 2009

Starting Tomorrow Obama Will Be Responsible For ....

- every soldier that dies in Iraq and Afghanistan

- every person who loses their job

- every person that goes hungry

- every person who loses their health insurance

- every student that drops out of high school

- every abortion committed

- every under-age pregnancy

- every drug addict that overdoses

- every excessive bonus that a CEO receives

- all the excessive profits by oil companies

- every murder committed with a handgun

- every illegal alien that enters the country

- every terrorist attack that occurs

- every Palestinian killed by Israel

- every Jew that is killed by Hamas

Anyone wish to add to the job responsibilities that the Democrats placed on the previous President?


Jason E. Johnson said...

- Any crimes committed by KBR or Blackwater in Iraq

- Failed Hurricane recovery efforts.

- Forest fires/Earthquakes/droughts in California.

- Tornadoes everywhere else.

- Global Warming.

- Aids in Africa.

- Al Qadea hating us.

- Alien cover up in Rozwell.

- That whole problem with Pluto no longer being a planet.

Anonymous said...

Every child that can not read.

Every parent that could not teach them.

The Angry Capitalist said...

Everything written here to fore concerning the Obama administration is prelude. All that is to follow shall, to the future generations of free thinkers, be but pieces, that, when assembled, will collectively comprise a narrative of what is to be our protracted national suffering. From this day forward the steady creep towards collectivism and away from freedom shall increase in its already steady pace as all of the liberties we hold sacred fall under assault from our adversaries who are now in power. Make no mistake; this group of swindlers and liars will use all means at their disposal to wage war not against our mortal enemies, for from their perverted vantage point are of our own making, but against the very freedoms that have traditionally defined our republic.
Today as the estimated millions stand in below freezing temperatures to obediently bask in the dim glow of their savior and partake in what they perceive as history we, the many that still cherish liberty and freedoms, stand in bewilderment and disgust. It is no mystery as to how this paltry fool ascended to power, by exploitation of the masses through pledges of unity and promises altruistic sacrifice in the name of the collective anyone, regardless of merit, could manipulate this brainless rabble. Despite the obvious still we shake our heads in astonishment as to how we arrived at the point to where individual freedom counts for so little amongst so many. They march in lock step to the steady drumbeat of collective action, willingly accepting the chains that will forever bind them to the abilities of their brethren. The individual is of no concern to their movement, only the collective good through the sacrifice of the sentient being.

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Chuck said...

Fortunately for him, he can blame it all on Bush

.lp. said...

dont forget

- every conservative that whines constantly about something they cant change.

- every conservative that finally realizes that Sarah Palin is a wack job

- every Red state that went blue

- enstilling new faith in American Politics.

- taking the US of EVERYONES most hated list

- taking us out of the 19th century.

oh and dont forget.

- pissing off you.

Atomic Lib Smasher said...

.lp. said...
dont forget

- blah, blah, blah

Sorry, but 0bama is the 21st century Jimmy Tarder, and Sarah Palin might be the next Ronaldus Maximus to crush The Moonbat Messiah in the '12 elections. Keep your hopenchange while Obama destroys this country like 'Tarder did in the 70's and then watch The BIg Zero get booted out of office quicker than crap through a goose.