Thursday, January 8, 2009

Nancy Pelosi Breaks the "Power Hungry" Glass Ceiling!

A new congress in the USA means new house rules. In the spirit of "Change" Nancy Pelosi is using the 111th Congress to drag this country back to the despotic rules of the democrat majorities of old.

On his 1/6/09 radio show, Rush Limbaugh puts it all into perspective. "House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to rewrite House rules today to ensure that the Republican minority is unable to have any influence on legislation... "Pelosi's rule changes -- which may be voted on today -- will reverse the fairness rules that were written around Newt Gingrich's 'Contract with America.'" If she gets her way, Republicans will not be able to offer alternative bills. Republicans will not be able to offer amendments to Democrat bills. They will not even be offered the guarantee of open debate accessible by motions to recommit for any piece of legislation during the entire 111th Congress. Nancy Pelosi is effectively going to shut 'em out. "

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, is using her gavel power to rewrite the House of Representatives rules, so she can "shut out" republicans in the new Congress.

In other words, Speaker Nancy Pelosi is using her gavel to silence opposition.

Will we see any rose colored glasses come off now that we are finally getting a glimpse of what the mysterious "change" really means, and what it really costs?

(And for the record, "Change" is not a pretty package with mysterious prizes inside!)

Pelosi's rule changes reveal to us that silencing the opposition is one of the preliminary acts necessary for the "change" to be imposed on the Citizens of the United States of America!!

(Look! The media just skips along and whistles.)

Pelosi's sparkling clean House of Representatives was supposed to be ethical, transparent, bipartisan, accountable... etc.. by now. (Pelosi was supposed to clean the House of Representatives up and do all that by now right????) How can the House of Representatives be clean, ethical, bipartisan, transparent, accountable...etc..when republicans will be completely "shut out" and silenced. No laws, no amendments, no offering alternatives. No debate?

As discussed above, this is nothing new! For forty years democrats did this to republicans. Then when republicans gained control of the House they came in and rewrote the rules so that the minority can have standing in the debate.

Yes, it was the republican majority who led the rewriting of the old template of male dominated, selfish, power hungry, democrat agenda only rule, and allowed all the Citizens of the USA to be represented in Their Congress!

(You know, all Citizens? Including the Citizens who are represented by those who would normally have their representation "shut out" under the old democrat rules?)

Wonderful that this was done! Republicans should still be proud!

But forget about all that now! Queen Nancy is in power! And she is certain that her Royal duty is to make sure "Change" happens! Whatever the cost (to us Citizens)!

Nancy Pelosi is determined to flex her muscles to break that ultimate female glass ceiling, by turning the clock back to the old democrat rules.

Nancy Pelosi is eagerly re-creating and joining in on the oppressive, selfish, power hungry, democrat agenda rules of the past.

I guess this means Pelosi can finally say Men and Women are truly equal now, huh? Wow, Nancy Pelosi will be remembered historically as proving that men and women can be equally selfish, oppressive and power hungry in the government.

Well. Good for her. She must be proud.

(Do we need any more reasons for Term Limits?)

Pelosi & the left want to shut up any opposition to the goals & agenda of the left in the USA. No republican and no conservative, elected or not elected, should stand for that! Republicans should be united in rejecting this, very openly, every single day! It shouldn't be dropped. It should be brought up over and over, in every press conference, in every letter sent, and should not be let up on. Not for any reason.

All republicans need to be heard! Not only some RINOs the democrats pick. ALL republicans need to be heard.

Republicans need to tell the Citizens of America their ideas for laws, amendments, alternatives, and debate no matter what!

Everyone needs to know that Pelosi and the left want to shut up all opposition in the government. And they want to shut up opposition on radio, the media, and the Internet too! Shutting up the republicans in the government is the first step to in shutting up all opposition. This is how they want to make the "change" happen, without opposition, anywhere.

It is grotesque what is happening in our government today. We hear words like change, hope, accountability, bipartisan... etc.. and they are empty, meaningless words. They mean nothing! They are just cold hearted deceptions that cover up that the left is out to destroy the USA as we know it. They are empty, meaningless, filler words meant to keep the People oblivious and quiet so the left can impose their agenda on the People without opposition.

Change, hope, accountability, bipartisan...etc.. are just words they pull out of a closet to dress themselves up in public. But behind closed doors they put them back in the closet for cold storage, until their next public show.

I thought Pelosi said she was going to be all about the Children. Remember all those kids brought into the "House" to pose in front of the cameras with Nancy Pelosi?

Yep, it was supposed to be all about the Children.

But now we see this isn't about the Children. This oppression and deception isn't great for the Children. None of this is even good for the Children. This leftist Media is awful for the Children. Killing our Consitution., creating this oppressive type of government, and imposing the socialist/communist financial and health system, is tying a millstone around the neck of all Children.

What hypocrisy! Acting oh so compassionate, as they set up to ruin this nation for every one of us, and our Children.

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