Monday, January 26, 2009

Obama Quicky Dividing The Country In Half

Let's see, Obama won 53% to 46%. Let's say a good 10pts of that are people who already regret the fact that they voted for him. That will soon put Obama's approval rate south of 50%. By taking the side of terrorists, killing babies abroad, and attempting to bankrupt America with a 1 trillion dollar welfare package, Obama is quickly splitting the country in half. Let him mess with talk radio, go after Americans' guns, and continue to discriminate against white people through "targeted" government spending, he'll be at 40% before the leaves start to turn this fall.


Mule said...

The faster he sink the better it will be for this country

The Angry Capitalist said...

The Dictatorship of the Sophist

Since assuming power on week ago Barak Obama has pressed full steam ahead in instituting his radically liberal agenda. Seizing upon his constitutionally granted authority to issue Executive Orders he has wasted no time in forcing through measures that would have had no chance in standing against the scrutiny of public opinion. Never before in the history of the republic has an executive been so eager in implementing his radical agenda that he has resorted to what amounts to despotic means. Refusing to even let the seat occupied by his predecessor cool he has sought to institute sweeping changes to the national security apparatus that has succeeded in protecting American lives, launched a renewal of the states sponsorship of the slaughterhouses of the international abortion industry, as well as undermining what precious little remains of the nation’s once prosperous auto industry. These dictates clearly display the underlying motivational force that compels this simpleton and, contrary to the opinions of the masses duped by his turn of phrase, they are not the betterment of society. What compels this man who now holds the reigns that direct the course of this nation is his pure, unadulterated, socialist ideology.

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