Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to Daily AntiKos

We have met the enemy and they are here. They are the Daily Kos, the most vitriolic, the most vile example of liberalism run amok. We need to answer, and answer directly. The mission of the Daily AntiKos is simply that, we will respond to every slant, slander, spin and smear, each and every time, all the time. There will be a direct response to any opinion-based Daily Kos Post. It will be referenced here. In addition, any superfluous, meaningless dribble that is posted will be responded to in-kind.

We are not as a big, powerful or as well funded as the Daily Kos. We do not have any direct party affiliation, and no funding beyond what we are providing. We may not be able to respond to every post immediately, but we will respond.

The left own the Blogosphere, and make no mistake, the voice of Conservatives will not be silenced in the New Media. The days of Left Rule on the Internet need to end.

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